1. I feel like I went on a long road trip with you.. Steady on the highway cruise control. 3x abs session was a good added round., that was the pit stop to get more gas then we put in sixth gear and flew. burpees – I did 23. Thanks Jake.

  2. On the glute bridges I found myself slipping/scooting further from my foot (I hope that makes sense) Is there a way to avoid that? 
    19 militarty burpees! Was hoping for 20 but I will get it next time 😉

  3. Wow what a great workout. I love how the second set you mention we are doing core. "What!?" i thought the first set was core. Lol burpees did 11 in a minute.

  4. I got 22.. whew. Was running out of gas out like 15 lol. I didnt listen to directions and was not happy to hear a third round of core. I've gotta make that a focus this year because I always struggle with it!

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