1. Hey Cole, I’m getting into this yoga, and your helping a lot. About 2 weeks strong now. This one kicked my but though, them extended plank positions, and my child’s pose still hurts but I’m getting there!

  2. One of my favorites of Cole's Beginner Videos. I appreciate these so much. Thanks to YogaTx and Cole for providing these videos. My pain is lessening as I practice each day.

  3. All of your "beginner" videos are really hard. I don't think you have a realistic view of a beginner's capabilities. They're also very hard on the knees.

  4. Oh I needed this today😊666 clean days lol…..didn't know whether I should barricade the door or do 5 mttgs…..of course it's meetings…love and peace….I'm grateful for you toay

  5. I had to stop the video just so I wouldn't forget my comment! 😉 I REALLY enjoyed how you explained the vinyasa part (around 10:00)– I really enjoyed matching the movement to my breathe. I loved the flow. Do you have any videos that are devoted to vinyasa yoga?

  6. Just to let you know Ive been doing Cole`s videos everymorning for at least a month now and it has definitely changed my life. I used to live in a whole yogi town in the Pacific coast and never found a teacher I liked or trust. Cole is pretty amazing. I also found an interview of hers in a podcast and I thought it was great. Thank you Cole for sharing your story and for this videos.

  7. Thanks Cole – I love how you explain where you're meant to be feeling sensation, helps me feel clear and focused. Really enjoying your videos!

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