1. This smashed me! I could only do half of it but I'm really looking forward to building up my strength so I can do the full hour. Thanks so much – great instructions and demonstration 🙂

  2. Great video, thanks. I really prefer when the instructor is not doing the poses but instead focuses on the teaching. I prefer the camera to stay still and cover the whole body. A few times I was trying to look at different parts of the girl's body but the camera was focusing at her face or so. Thanks again, namaste!

  3. Just did this yoga practise, great video, great class! Not too difficult yet challenging! I'll be doing the next one tomorrow! Thank you for sharing!

  4. tim m jannet you both are love, this practice was awesome. it felt like i was there with you instead of my room. Thank you & much love.

  5. Wow wow wow!!!!! I have been practicing for a few years now and just had one of the most life giving classes of my life. Thank you Tim & Jana!!! The time you took explaining placement in the poses was akin to having a one on one yoga intensive. My back and hips typically cause me discomfort in quite a few poses, so I followed along with your descriptions and felt solid in each pose. Thank you!

  6. I normally am a long distance runner and life a lot of weights, but got trapped inside with the Artic Vortex in MN that caused -55 temps…..did this instead and found I could barely hold some of the poses. Looks like i've got work to do and going to be adding yoga into my workout routine for sure. Can't believe how well it works the entire body.

  7. I love the one hour video classes, thank you for sharing them on youtube! I keep looking to see if more of those get posted… but still I only see three. I keep doing them faithfully! Thank you! They make me feel so great and relaxed!
    And thank you for describing with such precision how to do postures correctly.

  8. The cues are so transformational to my practice. Just little things like where the head/pelvis tilts during warrior two made it so easy to drop into the pose, I felt like it was effortless and the break down of warrior one in the beginning really made my energy more controlled and precise. Loved the ankle to head line emphasis of this video!

  9. At the beginning I was like screw this "Burn Workout"; this is going to be easy. Dude, you destroyed me. Your client is super-human and I hate her. She's just sitting there smiling while I'm crying. Please do more. Thank you.

  10. I love this so much, especially the focus on the breath! Takes me back to my first yoga class. Brings so much peace to my mind, strength to my body and love to my heart. Thank you so much Tim and Jana for sharing your practice! Namaste! 🙏🏼✨

  11. Hi Tim, This is the second yoga routine I practiced and simply love it. I am on vacation and was looking for some hour long strength and surrender or fierce flow routine which I usually practice at my CHHRC in NJ. It gives me great feeling of being in my yoga class the one I am used to of practicing. Thank you so much for guiding and posting these videos. Very helpful…:). And big thanks to Dana as well….!!

  12. Loving the hour long videos. Such challenge! Thank you Tim!! Warrior 3 is super challenging for me so when you do that I'm in warrior 2 for the twist so I'm in alignment. These videos are so great! Thank you for concentrating on technique and not rushing the finer details.

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