1. Wow! Amazing. I feel so much taller and so relaxed but yet like I worked it a little. 😀
    As always thank you. I truly appreciate what you do for us all.

  2. Loved this practice but when I got to 26:00 where so much weight is on the knee it was just too painful. Am I doing it wrong, is my mat too thin, is that just something that goes away with time? Any tips are appreciated!

  3. I’m a dancer and gymnast so my muscles are sore. So every morning I do some stretches and yoga. This YouTube channel is really good, it’s free and I can do it wherever I want whenever I want it’s amazing

  4. I remember the times you had a few subscribers, and now it is over a 5 million! Awesome job.
    I took a few years break from yoga, and now I returned, stiff again 😞 but ready to jump into action ☺️☺️☺️ Thank you Adriene

  5. im in Seattle so finished with studios obsessed with heat and yin classes that are like a lullaby story rather than effective stretching. thank you for this class, i am among 60 plants in my tiny apartment with a fan gently blowing and a gorgeous sunset over salmon bay!

  6. Very nice Stretching class !!!! I could feel really deep muscular fibers thanks Adriene ++ : never flet my blood pressure flow that loud, powerful AND calm (like naturally working amazing) at the end of the session <3 what a lovely confident feeling !

  7. I did this last night and it really helped calm my anxiety and felt really peaceful, and all today the feeling has stayed with me. Thank you so much xx

  8. Amazing video. New stretches I hadn't done before which is always great to find, also offered lots of variation for a deeper stretch where I need it and a gentler pose when it's hurting. How you explained breath with contraction to exhale and release for inhale, though I may have heard before, made perfect sense for the first time and helped me identify which movements should be paired with which breath, something I always have trouble with.

  9. Hello Adriene! Your yoga sessions are wonderful and they make me feel really motivated every morning.
    I've been doing your total body workout for the past two days in the morning and I wanted to ask, is it normal to have body ache after the session? I have the kinda body ache one would have after a workout. Is that worrisome? Am I doing it wrong?
    Please help me.

  10. I've been practicing yoga for about 10 years and Adriene is one of the very best instructors I have seen. It is true that 45 minutes go by quickly AND that I feel like a million dollars once I am finished. Plus her pleasant personality, sense of humor, and of course, Benjy make it worth every second of my time. I'm so glad I found Yoga With Adriene.

  11. Morning all, The Sun is out this morning and in England that's a good thing. I've come back to this session because I needed to open out more in each posture, to wake me up and to be honest to allow my body to feel better. Not a big fan of the cow posture as my yoga teacher Emma will tell you, but I do feel loads better after this practise session. Thanks Adriene.

  12. Adriene thank you so much for these yoga videos I've have been doing all of your yoga videos everyday Monday thru Sunday.I never stop it's actually amazing that I'm sticking to a workout that I enjoy.I feel such at peace and connected to myself.

  13. Hi Adriene, I want you to know I've been practicing with your yoga videos for nearly 3 years, and it's been quite a journey. Just getting around to saying thank you!

    I've learned so much through you; that my center is more than a physical locus in my body. That the breath is important on and off the yoga mat, and bringing awareness to it can bring great peace of mind. I've become more intelligent and in tune with when my body needs rest, and when I can light the fire! That rest is not just physical, it's mental as well. That mind and body are always talking to each other, and listening to that gives us greater control over our lives.

    The biggest lesson I have learned is that the present moment is all that we are, and ever had, and it is from here that all that is good comes to life.

    I could keep going, but know that your reach goes beyond your subscribers, class attendees, followers; the light you put into the world radiates from person to person. This particular practice came after a day of much needed rest, and you are always here for me to provide the tools and resources to maintain my well being. You're a blessing to all!


  14. This is one of my favorites from you adriene! I can do pretty much all the stretches except the very last one (sitting, legs out wide, toes pointed up, and bending forward). As a child I was never able to touch my toes or bend forward either. Can you point me towards a good video for practicing this stretch or improving at it?

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