1. Craig and Jaz, How can I get in touch with Michael? I want to buy 1/2 of a chair for someone. Can I donate $500 on the gofundme? This is pretty amazing, and I want to be part of it.

  2. Guy in the wheelchair f***ing legend…. giving back because he’s seen the benefits CrossFit’s had on his life. That’s the epitome of we don’t quit if ever there was one.

  3. Craig, I was moved by your reflecting at the end of the show today. You get to do the coolest stuff with amazing athletes, who seem like super cool people. I love your channel. Keep up the great work. Jasmine is amazing too. Thanks guys

  4. After watching your channel, it inspired me to get started in CrossFit. I just finished my first month, amazing what I have learned since !!!

  5. I think you bring the fun element to CrossFit….we all know it's hard work and u have achieved so much….Rich is on a different level but to be able to train and hang out with him and the team it's a privilege but something u deserve….Rich is the Elvis of CrossFit… everyone tries but will never be as good or have the same impact.

  6. I feel a possible move to Tennessee coming at some point in the future. I mean why not. No better place or people to train with and be around. Plus when is there not something awesome to do or something cool going on. It feels like a really good fit to me. Just sayin! I could seriously watch this kind of content for hours. #WeDontQuit #Crossfit4Life

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