1. Hey can you talk about ashwaganda or fenugreek I’ve seen and heard about them recently. One stops enzymes from converting testosterone to estrogen and the other I believes a t booster.

  2. people are laughing cause '' it depends ''. Don't they understand this guy is giving them information and study results in a very fun and interesting way? don't they realise every person is different and they have to workout and test everything and decide which program and diet fits them best? What is wrong with people nowadays???

  3. Three questions for you PictureFit:
    1. How long did those subjects train per day (was it the same time per day for both workout programs)?
    2. Did those subjects do split or full body workouts per day?
    3. How often (days) did those subjects work out one muscle group?

  4. I got no hours to train myself anymore. I had time to work out 2 months ago. Now I have a fulltime job and working as a supervisor at a construction area.

    I got no time to call of my own, how am I supposed to maintain my shape? 🙁

  5. Women cannot max as high as men, so their maximum weight sets tend to have more reps. This also generally means they can workout at higher frequencies. Commenting generally on the study, I would like to see a study comparing a 6 day upper/lower split to 3 day full body. For example, Starting Strength phase 1 is Squat, Bench/Press, Deadlift. Why not test that against a routine with Squats on day one and Bench/Press & Deadlift on day 2?

  6. If you do the same volume in 3 days as in 6 days you will of course have better results with the 3 days program, because you are beating the muscles more per day of training. The biggest reason to workout 6 days a week is that you can do twice the volume

  7. It is all about volume. 3 or 6.

    The best way to go about training is to hit each body part at least TWICE a week.

    For me, I’ve been on the three days workout program and it feels much more flexible and allow me to have more time for other stuffs.

  8. Other thing to consider as well if you’re planning on training the same muscle group three times a week, the first workout (day 1) of day three shouldn’t be all out rep failure cause you will only have one day of recovery which I feel is not enough for day 2 of training.
    Close to failure is better , you won’t tax your muscle for the next workout and you will have enough strength for every use as well.

  9. It should be noted however that the training volume was equalized, even though in 6 day program you would likely be able to use more volume than in 3 day one, just because of the greater training frequency

  10. Wouldnt the biggest factor be age as testosterone levels are insanely diffferent between younger and older males and that is the main factor in healing and recovering from any exercise

  11. This study is useless because it didn't track the diet of its test subjects. Probably should have mentioned that important fact in the video

  12. So if you train 3 times/week you can eat pizza 3 times/week and if you train 6 times/week you can eat pizza 6 times/week. Pizza gains matter 💪🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

  13. i work used to work out for 6 days a week with diff. muscle group workout each day. but then my friend recommended to do only 3 days a week… & ended up with good results! i had bigger gains. he said something that muscles needs rest to recover & grow bigger .. guess he too was doing some research. thanks picturefit!

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