1. This was a great workout BUT people should be warned its advanced as there is a very quick change between moves and can result in injury if you are a beginner (even with modifications)

  2. YES Jake is back! I always get a really good workout from him. Seriously considering buying the whole workout plan because i know it has to be good. This already looks killer. Gonna do this tomorrow because sundays are my rest days~

  3. Yay, love jake!! I just did one of his workouts the other day so I can’t wait to try this one. He is a joy to workout with. So fun, and always makes me laugh even through the moments of total hell lol

  4. OH MY, I lost my breath right from the start……this was a workout that kicked my BEHIND….. I was drenched within the first 5 minutes…this was AWESOME….THANK YOU!!!!!!

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