1. Hi Paul, My name is Karen and I work at an Assisted living Facility in Buffalo New York. We do daily exercises each morning and all my ladies have become addicted to your chair exercises. When we are watching and you say names, they yell their names. We are wondering if you will be doing another chair exercise soon? We really enjoy your spirit, energy and they love your smile!! Keep doing what your doing Paul, You are positively impacting our elderly ladies!! I thank you for that!

  2. Literally didn't feel the time in this one!😊 Chair workouts are a life saver and yours especially, that fit all ages and energy levels!💪💪 Keep rock'n , Paul!

  3. You are my guru. Welcome back guru. I teach "workout at workplace" as corporate wellness trainer, and at was not possible without your teaching. I learn a lots by your videos. Thanks.

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