1. Don't know why he drops his hand to throw a punch, a clear tell to an opponent an can be beaten to the punch or countered easily. (the guy doing the second round 1-2 punches)

  2. I've been doing 8 three minute rounds with 1 min. rest. Traditional boxing rounds. I got a tear drop water filled heavy bag. Don't buy these!. Not easier on your joints and the tear drop style makes throwing hooks a bit awkward in that you can't really turn your hook over very well. These workouts leave me exhausted but I've never found workouts that are better than a heavy bag workout. Throw in some walking lunges after you're done and you're cooked all in just 35 minutes.

  3. This is fantastic. I’m a beginner and the cardio alone is great. If I can pick up even just some basics with boxing then that’s just a bonus. Thank you Nate Bower!!

  4. A lot of people on here talking about him dropping his hands.. ok fine he is. The workout is for you, as a workout this is awesome!!! Well done for that and I’ve downloaded the app.. Thank u 🙂

  5. Thanks! I have been looking for videos like this on here. Most of the videos go around teaching you how to punch but I needed a video to learn how to do the drills

  6. awazing routine- tried maybe 3 times in last few days. Still not getting my hooks correct in freestyle- I think I am still slow on landing the left punch and getting the left hand back quickly.

  7. Nate, honestly I love your heavy bag workouts. It’s great for my overall stress management and weight management. Use to be a boxer, got busy with life, got lazy and had multiple excuses. These workouts have been great for me and aided me into regaining the momentum I previously had. I love your channel and enjoy boxing workouts with you. You are exceptionally great. Thank you for your videos.

  8. Hahaha. Like ur style fast hard serous.. U have good left hooks to….I'm focused on power.. speed accuracy..then slowly turn da volume up as I warmer up ..to higher levels of danger..n then each sesh..rest good cuz each time I face the bag its kill switch ..walk in at the highest form of power n hits wth fast as u possibly can move w h deadliest intentions …it really is strengthening me know o be come dangerously protected… Fun stuff..!!!(((Dig in!!!!!!!!!)))) Stay hungry continue the push kill mode level by forcing arms to do more n more staying clam as u see ur Self in full throttle mode ..gtting use it

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