1. Thank you so much for this. I follow a popular YouTuber whom just had a baby and she included the double leg lift with exercise ball as part of her postpartum routine. I’m quite sure she doesn’t suffer from a weak pelvic floor but it’s good to know this “exercise” is one to be cautious of! Thanks again! Very useful information.

  2. Thank you so much for this. I did these exercises after 2 years of my operation and my bell-button area we so painful and sensitive. I'm never doing these again.

  3. Hi Michelle, thanks so much for your amazing work. About Hysterectomy; does it means these woman will never be back to curls up or any type of these gym exercises after having a hysterectomy? or there is a certain time after which they can go back to some of them…

  4. Very helpful. I'm dealing with symptomatic sacral Tarlov cysts, and I'm learning that keeping my core toned pulls my internal organs up off those cysts. But it has been rather hit or miss learning which exercises help, and which ones worsen the problem. Your videos have been quite helpful.

  5. Hi Michelle. I have a question. Full bowing in Buddhism where ones forehead touches the ground and she stands up again and repeats the process even up to 1000 times. This may take 2 hours. I have done it before but have stopped due to worry that my third grade uterus prolapse might worsen. Glad that I got in touch with you. Does it actually worsen the prolapse? If possible I would like to do at least 500 bows everyday? Is it risky for me to do this?

  6. Excellent and well done! It is very helpful as to the exercises you (very expertly) demonstrate. Also, I can definitely see a pattern of exercise types to avoid, applying the principles you set out. Thank you so much.

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