1. I love being a Indiana fan we come for a dynasty as pacers and colts are doing great things but i kno we going to have hate but i think they like they hate bc it makes them better

  2. Please please please show that ungrateful stuck up lazy prick, ROMEO LANGFORD, what a real nba player is! You were grateful and worked hard! He thinks he is you! NOPE! DUNK ON HIS ASS!

  3. This man just drips kindness and hard work. As a long time Pacers fan I can confidently say that the whole fan base loves you Vic. Keep up the great work. You’ll be a legend before you know it!!!!

  4. Those of you who are Nigerian who feel the need to always separate yourselves from African Americans please stop. Racist white people see us as the same. We are the only race that differentiate. The English knows Australians are white for example and they join together to dominate the earth because they understand cohesion. I notice the yorubans and the igbos like to make the differences known. You are the same just as African Americans. 70% of African Americans ancestry is Nigerian. Both igbo a and yoruban. We must be of one accord. Co-Ed we all are proud of you.also Indy is very proud

  5. I was disappointed on my birthday because I went to a game and it was like the second game after he got hurt and I was sitting like 7 rows back from the court, so I didn’t get to see victor play in person last season

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