1. Nick is awesome!!!  I love laughing through the workout.  It makes it go by so fast.  And I love  you too Leslie!  I've been walking with you for over 20 yrs now.  Thank you for all your amazing and motivating workouts!

  2. I enjoyed watching Nick in the background. You can really see he's happy working out. Thanks for putting him in the lead. I enjoyed it. I love you, Leslie and Nick. Thanks for being with me in my weight loss journey. Love from the Philippines. 🙂

  3. Please continue to add videos with participants of varying shapes ages. It makes it more approachable for the viewer! It would also be fun to see veteran walkers lead segments. I really enjoyed seeing Nick lead a segment!

  4. Bonjour j'adore vos séances mais malheureusement je ne parle que français ne serait-il pas possible d'avoir des sous-titres français merci de tenir compte de mon avis merci beaucoup pour vos cours cordialement Marité

  5. I LOVE Leslie and have been walking with her for years. I absolutely LOVE this new crew! Nick is the bomb.com! And I can't wait to follow the other ladies! Thanks for the renewed energy, the diversity and the various shapes of other women! Keep being blessed Leslie!

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