1. Omg Casey ho!!!😱😱😨😨😆😆 wow I remember when she was first starting out and she has come a LOOOOOOOOOOONG way💜💜 side note I didn't know Casey is that tall cuz I know Michelle is 5' 2", so Casey is taller than me😅😅

  2. Hey Michelle! I just wanted to say your my favorite YouTubed I love your videos so much! You are so beautiful and strong and I learn so much from watching your videos your the best!

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  4. That’s awesome lol! I think I would like more of these. I’m curious about seeing the evolution of workouts and want to see through to now. I definitely want to see the 70s and 80s I so want to see you do a Jane Fonda workout lol. My grandma used to do those in the living room 😂

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