1. how many of these will ryann do (workout based on DNA, etc.)? It would be more interesting to have him review all the stuff he tried so far and why it apparently did not work for him

  2. Feeling sore after a workout is the literal bane of my existence, I struggle with severe DOMS after any workout and it suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu(…)uks

  3. I like a balance of both. Honestly do you Everyone. Do whatever workouts make you feel good. I like lifting weights and seeing what I can move, I like to run and seeing all the distance I can cover, but some days I like to workout at home when I’m super busy and can’t fit time in. Idk I get that comparison- it takes a long time to move out of that.

  4. i get what jasmine meant about how she loves the feeling of being sore the next day- it makes you feel like the workout actually did have some effect.

  5. My god there is a term for everything these days. Why do we need so many movements? Just do you and be happy whatever that is. There is no right or wrong way, it's all inside how you feel

  6. Just subscribe for free to Sydney Cummings workout videos here on YT. She posts new workouts every single day and already has hundreds to choose from. She is AMAZING and inspirational!!

  7. why do buzzfeed keep filming stuff where you can see the set? it was like this in that 'women try swimsuits from cheap online stores' video too and i don't get why.

  8. Why is everyone complaining that it's $35 a month? In AUD that's $50, it's quite average to spend $60-80 (AUD) a month on a gym membership. To work out from home for $50 is great, especially when it's a fresh program every week.

    Sick of people expecting everything to be free, these people spend time curating and creating an effective workout and app of course it isn't free. It's their job… If you want a free workout quit complaining and find a tutorial on YouTube.

  9. So who's gonna tell them that the body positivity movement doesn't mandate loving your body and thinking it doesn't need improvement? 🤔

    Imagine naming your business after a fundamental misunderstanding of something you could easily (and should easily, as a fitness professional and an activist) learn about. Yikes.

  10. i don't know if they already noticed this but i'm saying it anyway !! they somehow looked soooo goood at the end of the 30 days !!!! even if it's slim changes but they looked better !!!!!

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