1. I love Jeanette Jenkins. Fun personality, beautiful smile and her exercises aren’t too difficult. I like loud perky trainers on my exercise videos. Keeps me motivated since I live alone in my apartment

  2. Awsome show, thought I'd share a story with you, it's the new uear and over christmas I watched a girl witj flaming red hair perform, she was amazing on stage and had the stage presence of a young star, what I didn't know was she has retrograde amnesia,
    Music is what she remembers from childhood, but any thing from 10-15 yrs old she has no memory of, when I spoke with her I learned how hard she's fought to remain in her high school and how much performing helps her face the strangers she once knew and is relearning Aly Valles is a kid you should take the time to watch on u……..

  3. Very inspirational 🙂 I think Friday's and Saturday's will be my kind of 'perfect' days 🙂 Oh and 'thank you Queen if you know what I mean' 😉 lol

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