1. Hey.. i could completely relate to this.. I had a c-section and lost all my pregnancy weight by 6 weeks after delivery as until last day before delivery i continued my weight training and post preg being outside India had to do all the stuff own my own just after delivery. And that really helped. And again back to my rigorous weight training at the 4 months mark. And to add, no fad diet at all, just eating healthy whether home made or outside food!

  2. aap ka video mujhe bahut achha lagta hai mujhe bhi thyroid and PCOD Dono hai please mujhe kya karna chahiye Bataye main overweight Hoon Mai Apna weight Kaise kam kare

  3. Hello Anwasha, I recently subscribed and I found your channel to be a great help. I suffer from PCOS as well and I suffer from dark facial skin tone, if you could give some tips to cure it internally, it would be such a relieve. Much love from Canada.

  4. Great video.. I feel so bad when I c these kind of videos because I could not tc of my self at all after delivery … I had to do all of the things and nobody told me.. just because my mom isn’t well she has MND .. hope none goes with these things.. love ur moms guys..

  5. I gained 20kg during my pregnancy , i was very slim and during pregnancy i gained too much weight and i also have pcod .my baby is 18 months old and i lost 16.5kg of that weight 3.5kg more to go.I had C section .Thanks for sharing her story it is motivating.

  6. Hello. An you please make a video on diet based on your vata like I have very high pita due to which my skin and scalp always looks irritated. Please suggest me something for it.Also I am skinny otherwise but have belly fat.Please suggest me so thing

  7. I have PCOD since 3years. Recently I started to go gym. After 1month I lost 2kgs but after that months my weight is stand still to 60kgs. I started weight training but why I am not reducing my weight?😢 Please help Di…
    Thanks in advance.

  8. Please don’t jump ur baby like that its not good for baby I know ur playing with him but it’s not good for him sorry if u mind but it’s true

  9. Very nice topic. You are the only youtuber right now who is so genuine and knowledgable. Thank you for encouraging women to take care of themselves first and then others!! Kindly make a video on in-laws issues as well. You have got husband's support but there are many wives out there who does not have husband's support and they reproduce under society influence……

  10. Yes .am mother of 2 kids …there is no any other typical routine that we have to follow…the old times delivery is true n correct. So follow u r grandma's tips that no need to go any where.

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