1. Cookie! I got your back! Yoga can serve you- if you are open! Lets start with the foundations series coupled with this video 2-3 times a week plus a walk or dance or jog if you can fit it in. Give it time and know that your thoughts and words also have a big effect on the body! We can do this!!! Love, A

  2. Lovley, felt funny seeing Cookie instead of our sweet Benji now-a-days. A, you've come so far in five short years. I really see, and feel how far along the camera /editing crew has come in the past five years too. Good job team.<3<3<3 I'll take it. Now meditation, and shower. LooOvvVeeE

  3. Wow this is a sweaty one! And yet so sophisticated and balanced. I fancied something a bit more intense and longer today and I sure got it. My palms were so sweaty that I was struggling to hold downward dog!

  4. Really enjoyed this one, not sure where the nose to elbow squeezes etc on the left side went about 47 mins in?! 🤔 But still a great one all the same! 🙂 Thank you.

  5. My shoulders were not happy early in the practice but I did what you said and found what felt good and gave myself permission to move in those poses. Suddenly I was moving through them instead of muscling through like I did when I first started your videos 8 months ago. Thanks for reminding us to feel the sensations and not focus on mastering the pose.

  6. Woohoo a sweaty one but I did it, and I just took it as it came, I had to take little breaks more like a quick pause for water but I did it and I didn't let my self doubt affect this one so thank u Adriene for the challenge that makes me love yoga even more even tho my brain is like wanting to go back to it old ways and criticize everything so it becomes a struggle, yogi brain is like nope we've come too far and overcame too much to get beaten by some self doubt so here to Killing It daily and embracing the struggle that teaches us to be stronger, thanks for being the best teacher, at least in my opinion but most of all our friend, love yuh, can't wait for tomorrow's new practice, Namaste 💕💞💓💗💖❤💪🙏

  7. POWER day 13

    >Its 6 years ago (2013) HAYOO!!
    >I hate long practices
    >yoga is a routine at this point so I can’t skip any practice
    >did it, feeling good
    >it’s awesome!
    >lthe 41 min mark uncut blooper, those rare moments are gems


    #ywaPOWER #FWFG

  8. This flow felt great for my back. You mentioned a lot of little details that I sometimes overlook that enhanced my postures. This maximized simple poses like my yoga squat and my namaste sharkfin.

  9. WOW!!! This was AWESOME!!! I started daily yoga with you on January 1 this year and haven't stopped. In the past I've tried everything to help regulate my sleep cycle , weight , stress etc etc….. Nothing has transformed me the way yoga has. Thank you Miss Adriene n Co. for taking this transformation journey with me. Namaste!

  10. Whoa baby that was intense! So glad I did this 60 minutes in this July series. Now for the commentary – I love love the outtakes. Was that Benji?? I couldn’t tell. But yeah a little doggo love. And that was Chris in the background saying – one more time? Does Chris ever do cameos appearances? Anyway, Adriene, your humor throughout the practices is the best. Thanks for getting me to enjoy the yoga without any pretentiousness!

  11. This was really challenging, but I noticed that my arms are getting stronger, I could go further down before collapsing in the vinyasa! And the body feels tired but happy now afterwards

  12. I'm new in "yoga with Adriene" community! my lovely sister was who introduced me in 😉 thank you very much for each video, from begginers to that amazing loss weight serie. Thanks for the energy and love!

  13. Gentle reminders from this practice, “connect with the body”, “always move with grace, with ease”, “to be with the breath”, and “self-expression.” ☺️✨ Thank you so much Adriene and namaste 🙏🏻💗

  14. Adriene you are truly wonderful. Thank you for another fantastic yoga practice. I will definitely be returning to this one in the future. So grateful🙏🧘‍♀️💜💙

  15. oh my love, I did about 40 mins before caving, I am so unfit at the moment! I will come back to it and make the whole hour one day, haha!! Also I did have three glasses of wine last night so I am also blaming them . . . . .Much Love XXXX

  16. thank you for this power yoga month and I am so happy I am sticking to it. This hour long was just what I needed. Power of the body power of the mind. Thank you beauty xx

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