1. Been through 3 different personal trainers at Y which was total waste. 75 yrs old 3 shoulder surgeries and they showed me pretty much what they show everyone . When my lower back and shoulder started hurting I just started trying stuff myself that did not wind up hurting me. I had to quit for 6 months because of back and shoulder pain. Most people calling themselves trainers are idiots. Will try to put some program myself by watching a lot of youtube videos and take the parts that I think will work for me.

  2. I turned 70 last October. At 69 I got a trainer and joined a gym. At first it was a challenge to get off the floor! Balance was a huge issue and to a certain extent still is. But ohhhh I am soooo much BETTER!

  3. Research is quite clear: if you don't want to see your muscles waste away from lack of use while your immune system and endocrine system slow down due to the lack of activity (making your more susceptible to infection, heart disease and cancer) thereby causing you to age more rapidly, you must get regular exercise. Gains in strength, endurance, stamina and appearance increase noticeably up to 450 minutes of light to moderate exercise per week. That's roughly 75 minutes a day for six days. Moreover, research has determined that while double that amount of exercise per day does not cause significant statistical improvements in various health parameters, it does NOT cause an increase in the rate of aging or frequency of disease. Fitness junkies who retire and keep on going live longer, more active lives with more quality in their living. The human body thrives on activity and a certain measure of perceived effort. Without a range of effort, the CNS begins to shut down the systems you are not using. Use it or you lose it, and the endocrine and immune system waste away right along with the muscle.

  4. Hi Lee I am from way out back in Sri Lanka, but travel often. Just 74+ began basic weightlifting when my bro and I were 9 years old. Bro now a doctor in NZ 79+ years old has over 45 records last record Feb 2018, at 79 years old. I do a whole heap of exercises, weights at home, jump rope with weighted handles ( unfortunately no crossrope with weighted ropes:-( ). Kids have gifted me a Fitbit, do planks 1.5 secs, but my major major impediment is no consistency 🙁 any advice suggestions, Lee? Thank you in advance 🙂

  5. I am 82 yrs old man, and have joined a gym. I have been lucky in life, healthwise, for which I thank God. Been able to exercise pretty hard.
    It is important to be careful for older people…get a complete medical checkup before straining your muscles. Old people can exercise , but be careful not to overdo it .

    Start with light weights, that are EASY to lift . Do some floor exercises.
    After a month or so start to push yourself . Take it easy though. slowly, slowly


  6. I'm 76 and never really stopped for the last 60 years. Only twice a week now. Squats, Deadlifts and some pressing. Alternating bench and overhead press. Do a few chins and some power cleans. No isolation movements. Keep the volume down but never quit.

  7. Glad you made a video specifically addressing us older folk. The first time I stepped into a gym was 4 years ago at age 72. I've completed a number of different workouts since then including your Blast Your Biceps program. I'm able to do more physically now than when I was much younger.

  8. I started working out at a gym at age 64, that was three years ago. I used the 12-week-workout program and the Blast Your Bicep course. I feel great and the wife loves my new body! Thanks for all your workout programs Lee!

  9. Do you think it would be safe for them to use supplements? For example a protein shake or creatine? Obviously you would have to know from a doctor if it’s okay but in general you think it’s safe at that age? Thanks lee keep up the good videos 💪🏽

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