1. Such an inspiring video mel ???? especially since the giant gluten free maple bar I ate today is definitely not on my clean eating plan ???? I really feel like I turned a corner today though and I didn't punish myself or go off the rails ???? I did something unheard of…I enjoyed it ???? and moved on with the rest of my healthy eating day

  2. I am very much the same where I let my guilt cripple me or I obsess because I went over by a few points. Lol "I really want to hit my goal weight but I don't really have one". Lol made me laugh. Girl you are my fav…of course I would collab with you!

  3. Great goals! Sounds like you’re going to live life, and WW will be a part of it. I like the What I Ate videos, meal planning because I lie to get ideas from others. The DIYL videos that folks do are interesting, but sometimes they get sooo long. BTW…I’ve enjoyed your journey, and the transformation is amazing! Look at those collar bones! ????

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