1. Lainey,
    Wow!!! Wish I was there to come with you all to the beach and other fun places. Sounds so cool 😎. I hope you all have a blast. Enjoy every moment. Love Tamson 😇 💖

  2. Yummy 😋Yummy 😋 Yummy
    Excellent Excellent Excellent 👍
    Recipes Mmmmmmmm👍😊
    Definitely Our Joints Need Lubricated from Walking and Movement. You Go Girl👍👍
    Always Fantastic Meal Plans.
    Definitely will have to try the Carrot Dogs. Great Journaling too. You Got it Going👍👍👍
    Love Tamson 😇 💖

  3. I am so proud of you! You work so hard with your eating and exercise!! And the weight comes off so slowly. 😞 The last few days I've been wondering if I want to stick to my weight loss journey. I'm suppose to lose 2 lbs a week on my 1200 calorie diet. I'm lucky if I lose that much a month! I think… is all this work and giving up the foods I love really worth it! How do you stay motivated? Thanks for sharing your journey! 🤗

  4. look forward to the carrot dogs. nice time to walk. i walked today too and have stayed on my fat fast for 3 days feeling really good. nice haul and meals. have a blessed sunday

  5. Ok you had me u til you said carrot dogs lol..I do not believe they taste just like hot dogs lol…I’ll watch you make them and try them myself and see what I think, but so far I do not believe you at all lol

  6. I have to walk to lose weight plus I get stiff and slow moving too if I don’t walk. Love Orange is the new black. Do you watch Frankie and Grace? Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda on Netflix I hate hot dogs too~~~Sandy

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