1. I usually average 31-33 spl every 50m in the 50m pool. When I'm tired, it's higher~~ But after trying this technique in the water yesterday, I was able to get down to 30.5 spl! Thank you for your expert advice, Coach Mandy!

  2. right, stroke count is an important way to know if you're progressing with style or not
    its about efficiency, water drag you alot, and here is a limit to the energy you can produce to swim faster and longer

    so efficiency is more important than anything else
    sadely many coachs' training methods dont emphasis this and they make their trainees swim with higher turnover and their style get all over the place
    i learned the importance of efficiency because i swim underwater alot

  3. Hi Coach Mandy, i have seen most of your swimming tips, They are all very helpful. Can you please show some of the backstrokes, Beaststrokes and Butterflies strokes as well. I find your tips very easy to follow

  4. Great videos Coach Mandy! I especially like your format of "challenged" and then "efficient". I found this one helped me take 20 secs off of my 1500m time. Lately whats been working for me is doing a windmill arm turnover on my stroke. I think it helps me lengthen out my stroke as you clearing demonstrate getting more distance per stroke. I must have been entering close to my head when I get tired. Anyhow.. Keep up the work Coach!

    I'll keep watching up here in Canada 😀

  5. Hi coach mandy 💐.. I was swiming like in Demo 1 .. and being made hard work with out progrss and allways feeling tired .. now I’m practice like Demo 3 and feel more better .. thanks about all great tips .. Mandy is the best caoch

  6. Thank you so much for this video. I love your technique. It's kind of "ballet in the water".Is it an "ideal" stroke rate depending on your size or the "goal time/speed" you are looking for. I'm 186 cm = 6'1'', 49 years old, I discovered swimming with the TI method 6 years ago and love it more and more since, I swim the km in 16 min "race pace" with a stroke rate at 50-54/min and when I swim 3 or 4 km "easy pace" my stroke rate is around 42-46. Do you think I should continue to try to lengthen my stroke or should I try to get a faster stroke rate?

  7. Hey coach Mandy, nice to see you again, I release my arm close to the hip and recovery is also in a relaxed way which results in good amount of gliding. Today you were looking stunning in the black outfit. Thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge. I always enjoy your vedios. Thanks

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