1. Hi Juli! Great job on the run!! Can you share where you find the Banquet Light Mayo & Dairy Star FF half & half? I'm in So Cal also and have looked at my stores but haven't been able to find it. TIA!

  2. Ugh my darn weight is not moving at all right now…I do want it, I need to figure out what I am doing wrong. Anita is killing it, I love her videos too.
    Okay you need to bring that cute pink bike to HB, we have a great beach path to Newport Beach! It is always a fun day when we bike!

  3. OK I know it’s only been a couple minutes but I can’t stop thinking about that cake you had. If I have a loss this week and only if I have a loss this week I’m gonna use my weeklies and cake LOL. But I probably won’t have a last cause I had a big last last week. Cake Yum.

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