1. Exercise is better for my brain+ less alcohol. My difficult times are at night as well. I don't take medicine for anxiety anymore. Unfortunately I tend to turn to alcohol. Would probably be better off taking pills:/
    Anyhow..I enjoy your channel. Thought you would be snooty since you live in CA but I was pleasantly surprised.
    Anyhow, best wishes to you. I applaud you for getting up and making the best of every day. I am reading/ listening to "The Unwanted Guest". Only on Ch 4 though. Have a lot of reading to do. Have a great night!

  2. Running makes me feel so good yes! Not only because of the endorphins but because it becomes “me time” where I can of be interrupted. I can listen to music, listen to an uplifting talk or beautiful sermon or even watch a movie that I like. It helps me find that calmness I need so much lol. 😄💕💕love that pretty salad. I’m finding this 2 mile a day challenge is keeping me going. I’m back to averaging close to 15,000 steps daily now 💪🎉👍

  3. Put variety of exercise in your plan. Will not get bored that was. A lot of great utube channels pertaining to indoor exercises. One channel Leslie Sansone. Fantastic channel. There are also fantastic yoga utube channels too. Very wonderful for helping with stress and flexibility. Another nice utube channel healthwaystraining.You could probably cut up cucumbers and add a mixture of vinegar, oil and water to soak cucumbers in to marinate. Can add some garlic powder, onion powder and dill to water too. Love Tamson from Kentucky.

  4. Hi Julie I started watching your videos when I first started WW in January 2017 and you gave me great tips and ideas love the channel. You were my inspiration to start my own channel there isn't many channels out there by men so I thought I would put myself out there and share my journey. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. How do you make peanut butter banana oatmeal? I am really trying to like oatmeal again. I ate it so much in college it's a struggle for me now but this sounds good and for only 3 points I'd love to give it a try.

  6. I agree with you about the oatmeal. I'm going to make muffins with the rest of mine. Mix and egg and 1/2 unsweetened applesauce into the cup and microwave it for 3-4 minutes. Much more for 3SP than just making it as oatmeal.

  7. Maybe re-starting your walk breaks would help, getting you out in the sunshine and fresh air. Just bundle up when cold and you could still benefit from the fresh air – and you would be able to get your steps in the daytime hours instead of having to go to the gym after work when you are wiped out and just want to relax.

  8. Yes i feel so much better mentally when I do my walking regularly. I feel happier and more clear minded. I also have a good friend that I can talk to anytime, you know when you what to bitch about everybody or that special someone !! I hope you have someone :):):)

  9. Chiming in on the exercise and how it enhances your (good) mood…on so many levels. And when you're up, all of your senses are elevated. That's why I love hiking our Appalachian mountains. You get the burn in your quads as you climb, your breath is shortened from the exertion, just a little further and you'll be at the top of the next ridge and…..oh my Lord….just look at all His glory! BTW…loved your hair at the end

  10. Error in my last post here. Meant to say salmon sushi is good instead it came out saying salmon slushy. Ha ha ha accidental”funny” 🤣

  11. Adorable picture! Ima Salmon lover too, but the price seems to have gone up. Good news, you can find yummy fresh Salmon with a pkg of teriyaki sauce in the meat section at Walmart. It is great and you can have a decent portion per serving. I use only half the sauce along with Everything but the bagel seasoning. I had it with lots of steamed veggies. So yummy, so healthy and it less expensive than going out to eat. I love salmon slushy but wow – the prices. As for working out and feeling better, I think that is true. Helps with stress. So does vacuuming and dusting – for me anyway 😀

  12. Hi Juli! I love that Skinny Syrup whipped foam, but beware… it kept me in the bathroom. I was only using 2 pumps for my coffee. The artificial sweeteners kept me ‘going.’ 😬

  13. I have to say since I started running about 7 months ago my depression and my state of mind has completely changed. I have found that when I don’t run or walk I don’t feel as happy!

  14. “What do you mean your call do you live in Southern California! I live in Michigan where it’s 20 below zero and I’m walking around in my bra in my underwear!” Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  15. Oh yes, exercise is key for my mental health.. I have spinal issues and lots of pain so it’s important to keep moving. I mainly walk or do a glider every day.. Thanks for all you share, Juli… Sue

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