1. I can totally relate to putting work stress on myself. I completely burnt myself out in the past year with work stress and have forced myself to set boundaries! It’s so important! You need a real vacation!! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Jess! If I could afford to send you in a cruise in the middle of the tropics with no internet or work, I so would!😫
    Girl, you need to slow down. You’re giving ME a heart attack.❤️😉

  3. Your plate is awfully full Jess! I think everyone would agree that we totally understand if you cut back on your filming some. We want your health and family to be your priority. Date night is a great idea! When the weather gets warmer and stays light out later you can always go for a picnic with your honey. My hubby and me do that in the summer. It's really relaxing and VERY budget friendly!

  4. At my age, whenever my period shows up early, I'm like, "Well, better this than pregnant!" Hahaha. I think date nights are SUPER important. We have a really tight budget, too, but we made a date category and some months we spend all the funds in there and sometimes we have carryover, which ends up affording us a "fancier" outing. I love that you are going to fit this in, too.

  5. I truly feel like stress is a huge factor for sure! I weighed at my most a few years ago when I had a lot of out-of-control things going on in my life. Definitely take some time for yourself. My husband and I try to have at least one Date Night a week. It does a couple good! I do love your videos – thank you for all you do! Oh, I wanted to recommend a YouTube channel called At Home with Quita – her planning and organizing is amazing!

  6. Your a superwoman, don’t be to hard on your self! Thank you so much for the videos you do I know it’s hard work. Try to have some “self” time and relax and do something for yourself. I know as a mother and wife sometimes it’s the last thing we think we should do but it’s good for us and our health and everyone around us. Enjoy your date nights, we’ll worth the budget!!!! 😘

  7. With my Hashimotos disease, anxiety is a big factor. I reduced my work load and moved to Germany. This reduced my stress, but I still deal with anxiety. I take a selenium supplement to help reduce my anxiety. I also take other supplements to counter the fatigue and brain fog I suffer from due to my thyroid issues. The realization that I took on too much while working helped me to realize that my health needed to be a priority. Also, my husband was out of work for a while as he worked on his undergraduate and graduate degrees. Thankfully, he is now gainfully employed. I hope you can find some balance in your life.

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