1. How does weight watchers deal with muscle gains. Say you are lifetime and start to weight train and gain muscle weight. Do they still make you pay? I mean wouldn't they be happy that you are gaining muscle. There should be difference, maybe take measurements and body fat into consideration. What if you gain muscle weight but loose body fat.

  2. I’m only a minute into the video but the fact that it’s called the Felicia combo is so funny 😆 do what works for you hun even if it’s repetitive

  3. Don't be sorry! Honestly, our generation is so set on CONSTANTLY changing, growing, etc. We always think that we're not doing enough, we should be doing this, or that…. We desperately need role models that thrive in a routine and demonstrate publicly that it's GOOD to live a simple, happy life rather than overcomplicating everything. We can finally understand that it's OK to just BE instead of constantly being unhappy and unsatisfied with our own routine. I LOVE that you eat the same thing almost everyday. I admire it! I always watch your videos when I find myself overthinking. You bring me back, you make me calm. You are an amazing role model.

  4. Do you eat out ? And if you do, what if the place you ate at isn’t on the list and their are no points. How do you go about getting the points figured out?

  5. So how much do you think you spend on groceries a week for this? I started and failed. I need to start again. When our budget gets tight is when I start failing. Unfortunately unhealthy food is cheaper.

  6. Does anywhere else sell the extreme wellness tortillas?? My Walmart either didn’t have them or they were out of them….. we have a sams club would they have them?

  7. I found out why you don't cook your hashbrowns to crispy, lol. I '' tried" to crisp mine and by the time they are crispy they are about a quarter cup. Not enough oil to crisp them fast. Ha!

  8. I have to tell you..the “Felicia Combo” has become my absolute favorite go-to meal! It is just so perfect! I’m doing the old Simply Filling WW plan..so the only thing I have to count on my weeklies is the turkey bacon. Thank you so much! So simple..yet absolutely delicious!

  9. I made the Felicia combo this morning for breakfast. I didn't have the bacon, but loved the combination of potatoes, eggs, and cottage cheese. I will be making this again!

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