1. Just weird how different bodies can be. When I'm stressed; food is the last thing I think about. I've maintained 130-140 my entire life. I can literally eat one meal a day and maintain my body weight, and even when I eat that meal, I'm not super hungry. Then if I sit down and eat an entire pizza, I don't gain. I always sit right at the weight I've always been.

  2. Will power is all it is it's easy to have will power when you're getting pushed to lose weight but other people but when they go away the thoughts start to kick in I bet.

  3. İ wish this show kept a track on the contestants ,if the losers don't change their life style & only diet for duration of the program it's inevitable they will pile back on the pounds.It all starts in the mind. Every thing we do is from Habit. My hats off to these guys for working so hard to achieve their goals 👏👏👏

  4. Biggest. Looser. Does. Not. Work!!! You can’t just take away half your life, and the way you live and eat in 6 weeks! It doesn’t work like that, it won’t last! Okay, it almost never last, there are people who are the exception.

  5. The only way to lose fat is to eat a high protein and high fiber diet. Combine that with a resistance training schedule and you will gain muscle while losing fat.

  6. losing weight is about the mindset. that is why most people want others to be there to force them to do it. it is VERY hard to chaneg your mindset. the show doesn't even last 3 months, if you are weak mentally then it is easy to go back to your old habits. someone should help the ones overweight first, but then train them enough, let them cook and make the meals themselves, let them see how much to eat and help them for a few months and then you will get used to it. they should teach them about cheat days.

  7. A person doesn’t get to weigh 300, 400, or 500 pounds without— problems. And for most, those problems still exist. So a person that loses a ton of weight has a few more demons to deal with than most. Given the commercials and availability of bad food — I’m often amazed that everyone doesn’t weigh 500 pounds, though.

  8. people need to realise that a diet is suppose to kickstart a sustainable lifestyle. Not a one time thing and then you go back to your overeating and late night snacking

  9. Idk why y'all are blaming the show. This show gave them an advantage and a headstart. Some took advantage educated themselves and kept the weight off. others decided to make different choices.

  10. That's the main problem about a diet. You're by default "on" a diet. If you want to keep that weight off, you have to alter your lifestyle and nutritional habits.

  11. The Biggest Loser is the biggest con. There is too much information regarding calorie deficit being a false science for permanent weightloss and it was inevitable they would all gain their weight back. Everyone should read the Obesity Code by Jason Fung so they could really understand why all these contestants failed to maintain!

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