1. Shoutout to Eric for the amazing workout and words of wisdom! Hope you guys enjoy the more “behind the scenes style” video. Got a few more on the way 🙏🏻

  2. Tried this split since video came out and I love it. 1-2 leg movements and 3-4 upper body movements + core work and it feels good!!

  3. Hmm i m intrigued and fascinated by you guys and your knowledge…
    I think of what Platz and Arn said , the reps are the ones that Really matter. You will lift heavy weight over time , just needs time …
    What do you guys think of an 2 days workout – 2 days pause – 2 days workout – so on?
    Because I work 2 with 2 days . And , logic, i must build my training program around it .
    What would be the "best" ?
    Upper-Lower ?
    Upper body push – lower body push 2 d. pause – upper pull lower pull- 2 days pause-?
    Biceps,Chest,Shouders- calves,quads – pause 2 days – triceps, back – calves , hams?
    Hmmm , please , I wait your opinion. Thank you so much !
    Excelent content , keep up providing , is very exciting , I like your smile and positive attitude!

  4. Great episod Jeff! Ive been doing this myself for the past 2 years. Best method i tried.
    Periodize between hypertrophy, maximum strength and strength endurance.

  5. Hi Jeff, big fan of your work and your scientific approach. I'm curious as to how to get your bottom 2 abs to be more visible. Along with a push, pull, legs routine, I do abs after every one of these workouts. I've been doing this for about 6 months, and my top 4 abs are much more defined than the bottom 2. I've also been maintaining a good diet filled with protein and greens. Let me know if you have any feedback, thanks!

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