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  2. There literally is no thumbnail where Jeff doesnt flex. Even when he is doing the "thinker" 😂 ….
    I like Jeff, but thats kinda douchbaggy if youre honest

  3. I'd rather be lifting with good form and lower weights than monkeyfucking the bar to impress people or stroke my own ego. Jeff's advice has stuck in my head forever.

  4. Honestly Jeff you’re a great teacher. You stress the key points. This is one of my favorite videos. You are an iceberg. It’s not about how Titanic you look but how well you stay afloat. Double thumbs 4U

  5. Jeff, this has got to be one of the best videos for explanation and breaking down real strength from the roots. As always, you teach what matters and you put other Personal Trainers to shame with your knowledge and application. Amazing video and everyone new to the channel should watch this first.

  6. Thanks Jeff. I am an elementary teacher and look after the school teams as the coach. Those three base focuses are huge and important to help foster physical literacy with students thanks for letting me know im on the right track

  7. Truly the best Jeff thank you I've been struggling with my squat depth and stability so I started attacking my roots and I'm seeing the impact your a true blessing to my journey 🙏

  8. Almost sounds like he's talking about Jiu Jitsu, especially the bit about the slight variations in form resulting in major changes in strength.

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