1. This isn’t hate I’m just trying to help you out but if you add weights to your butt workouts they will be way more effective! The exercises you were doing in the video are called pumpers and all they do is bring a lot of blood to the muscle and cause it to burn and pump up but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are building muscle. Don’t get me wrong they are great movements to warm up your glutes before you lift.

  2. You and Maggie are soo gorgeous and positive. Ive struggled with my body image my whole life and it is still a day to day challenge. You both motivate me to be active and live a healthier life style but still treat and accept myself. Keep slayin girl!!!!!!

  3. Is your friend wearing the lululemon shoes ? If she is , does she like them? I’ve been wanting some but don’t know if they’re worth the price

  4. how many days a week do you do this? I play a sport after school, should I just skip out on the cardio in the beginning? Love your videos!!!! <3

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