1. This is a blessing to me I have been doing these exercises in my early 40's now I am in my late 50's. I watch it on PBS. Thank you Miranda. My body feels so great when I do these exercises.

  2. What I love about Miss Miranda is just how pretty & lovely she is! She dealt with illness to but is doing much better now! Such a classy Lady! Keep on blessing us with your great posts! You help more then you may know!

  3. This really is a full body stretch with no stress, in fact I always feel better. These exercises are for young and old, my granddaughters love working out with me. I also like how there's a change in my posture, and my figure as a whole in a slow easy way that won't hurt but help me.

  4. SOOO much focus on the triceps, which is MINIMALLY involved throughout these stretches !!  The long stretch overhead is much more involving the latissimus dorsi muscle …and arms behind with chest out and head up ..stretches pectoralis muscle.Accuracy would be nice …although the stretches shown would be helpful to many…even if not identified correctly.

  5. thank you thank you 😊miranda
    wonderful work outs they have taken my pain away😊
    how can I become certify ? to teach this amazin work outside?
    I am free of pain because of this moves.

  6. I've been watching, learning and appreciating what you've been sharing for quite a while now. When I was out recouping from knee surgery, my husband found your 10:00am program on TV, and I followed the best I could. I felt it was time to financially support your knowledge, dedication and generosity so as I watched PBS today, I requested your videos and book so I can exercise before going to work or before bed at night. I can't wait for their delivery! Thank you very much Miranda!

  7. Well, Miranda does it again! I slipped on a wet tile floor a month ago. After a series of painkillers and muscle relaxers for a "wrenched back", I still awakened with infuriating life-interrupting back pain and stiffness despite PT twice a week. My husband
    started a Miranda DVD and I began to do the warm up sitting down, thinking it couldn't do any harm. Soon I was standing and doing the rest of the routine, with my pain greatly relieved. The ball, dart, frisbee throwing warm up instantly freed me from
    most of my pain and shuffling walk. I can go on with the day. This is a huge improvement and I'm so grateful. No one I've spoken to in PT has ever heard of MEW. Go figure. Thank you, Miranda!

  8. I fell 5 years ago and have had terrible pain in right hip since. NO ONE has been able to help me. My ex pcp, L ac. several chiropractors, several different PT's, two DO's, massage therapy, no-one. Then after doing this last night when I saw it on PBS I instantly felt better and slept all night with NO PAIN. I am going to do it daily and maybe buy a video of her.

  9. Without you I would be in the chiropractor's office every other week..which I was previously all my life sine my 20's and am now 70 and in better shape now than then.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  10. Miranda .. I have been following your tv sessions for quite a while. And I have your book. Everything about you and your program is so incredibly positive, creative and energizing!!!!

  11. I would just like to leave a message of thanks! regarding the beautiful locations you use as backdrops…they are as beautiful, refreshing and relaxing as your workout.

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