1. I really appreciate how you accommodate absolute beginners. I am so inflexible, I have been afraid to even start yoga, which is a weird catch-22, since I obviously need it. The fact that you understand this, and say so up front, makes a huge difference. Thank you!

  2. You are a wonderful instructor however your dog alienates me as it is a distraction from the focus that as a beginner I need.

  3. Hi Adriene, Really loving your channel! I have a quick question, is cramping in the hips ‘normal’ towards the end of the practice? After warrior pose (Around 35 mins) my hips appear to not be able to cope, even with knees bent. Is this a common/normal symptom for people who are very tight in the hips? Secondly, do you have a preferred video (of yours) for beginners with this issue if it is? Best wishes, B

  4. Adrian thank you so much! I've been doing yoga and n and off for years now, though I'll always consider myself a novice or challenged. Lol one of my biggest challenges is balance and any pose that I need balance for I struggled to try to do but any poses that are being presented to me that require balance I tend to miss out on… Any suggestions?

  5. Good morning, Adriene, I was doing yoga for beginners wow I love it, I think I might stick with this one for while, you dog is so cute my cat is a yogie as of today. Wow you are rocking I love your videos I am a newbie in yoga thanks you make it so much easier to move now ❤👍

  6. Hi, big and tall beginner here… At roughly 11:30 you are doing a "big stretch" with your feet. How does one… Ease into this without snapping things that should likely not be snapped. Because all I feel is a tremendous pressure on my toes and I never quite get my knees to the ground to support myself. Is there stretching that leads into this sort of thing or just weight loss to relieve the pressure on my toes?

  7. I thought id go back to basics and so glad I did it just shows that we all need 'THE BASCICS' in our lives and you do it so well Adriene also just love Benji thanks so much xb

  8. Namaste…
    Omg… what a great goddess enjoyable full of knowledge and happiness you're the best thank you to God for your existence 🙏❤🙏

  9. Hey, I've finished the 30-day yoga camp! It's interesting how yoga helps understand our bodies and even our mentality better. It isn't easy to explain yoga and teach it, but you are doing a great job! I appreciate you share your time and your passion to make others feel better. Also, Benji helps me relax while I'm practising 🙂 I <3 you~

  10. Still incredibly impressed with you Adriene. I've only been practising yoga from your videos for 6 months now, having broken my back a year ago and using yoga as pain relief and strength building. But I have to say you have such a wonderful way of explaining the techniques and body awareness it blows my mind. Thanks so much, practising yoga with you has made my body feel 95% better 🙂

  11. I know I am late to the party but I just want to say thank you Adriene for sharing yourself and these videos so that people like myself can find a way back to ourselves.

  12. Greetings Adriene, I wanted to take my time and send my thanks to you for sharing your videos. As I've posted on my Facebook before, I didn't know what yoga really meant until I started watching your videos. I thought my body wasn't designed for yoga or that I had to be able to make pretzel shapes in order to join. To my surprise, I've learned that yoga allows us to reconnect our body and spirit while also gaining strength and flexibility. Through the hustle and bustle that's life, my new practice allows me to find peace within. A peace that's new to me and refreshing as I'm still learning the basics of yoga. Namaste, dear.

  13. Cute dog but he's blocking your feet and so I'm not sure how they should be positioned in front of me. I went to another (dog free) video so that I could see what to do with my feet during the first 7 minutes.

  14. Lol, typical mama's boy dog! I love it, best believe every tap, bone drop, ALL ON PURPOSE! My dog can't believe I am taking time and focus OFF OF HIM and for myself! How dare us silly humans!!😁💞🙋🌠💫🌟⚡

  15. Really loving your Beginner Series Adriene. I myself am not a beginner, but my journey with yoga has been sporadic and mixed. Much of it has been self taught as I simply had no other options at the time and place where I practised. (Lessons would be too far away, or they would only be available while I was working)
    I find these foundational videos extremely helpful in going back to the basics, and rediscovering or even finding what I missed.
    I remember a year ago I spent a week doing nothing but the worrier poses and trying to find the right alignment in them. Then I watch these videos and you say, "Nee over heel, front toe forward, back toe to the front corner of your mat. Skies, not tight-rope."
    All I could think was, damn, I needed to hear that then. Especially the part about the skies. It would have saved me a lot of time.

    Anyway, all I'm really trying to say is, I appreciate every single one of your videos and your attention to detail as you impart your knowledge to us. You're definitely the best yoga teacher I've ever come across, physically, or virtually.

  16. Thank you so much for all your vids A, you’re an amazing teacher and i love doing yoga w/ you. Your vibe just puts me in a calm space and your a great teacher and you definitely be getting me right A, you dam sure invited to the cookout sis 💯💪🏿💜

  17. Thank you for this. I have been doing my own practice for a few years and am just now feeling brave enough to join along with a video practice. This was lovely. Thanks again.

  18. Hi Adriene, I am new to Yoga. I tried one class last weekend (Yoga studio) here in our place and I emjoyed it very much. So, I bought a yoga mat thus morning before going to work. Now I tried this video when I got home and super refreshing. I will enroll to a Yoga class but I will definitely watch your vids whenever I want to do this at home. Thanks for sharing! Namaste!

  19. I'm working on increasing my mobility and flexibility but many stretches I do (more like I am unable to do) becomes frustrating and yoga easily becomes a negative experience for me. Any tips?

  20. Thank you for this video.
    My question is how many times should a beginner practice watching this video till the next step ? And what is the next step? Peace&Love

  21. Thank you so much for this. You seem so genuine and grounded and I feel a real connection which is often lacking. I'm going to set aside at least half an hour every morning and night to do some. yoga, you've really kickstarted this for me, I feel very relaxed and self aware which is a connection I feel like I often am missing. Thank you so much. <3

  22. A GENUINELY SLOW VIDEO, Many many thanks for this much needed reprieve from the often over-stimulated and rushed feeling practices that seem so prevalent in YouTube yoga culture (at least in the videos by and for westerners).

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