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  2. Avoid short dress. It's hateful and very bad to see.
    If I have to subscribe your channel please avoid it.
    Thank you.
    Sorry for poor English

  3. Hi I would like to try this but I've got a huge amount of scar tissue in my uterus and will have surgery performed around October. Is this recommended for me or maybe not now? Thanks

  4. I'm very glad I found this channel. I watched another video last night with Lindsay and there was SO much I wasn't aware of with yoga. There were other channels I followed that left out a LOT of things that I think lead to me hurting myself. I thought this was going to be TOO easy. But I'm very overweight and weak, and I felt it after this routine! Thank you for the gentle and wonderful guidance!

  5. I like these video were the person doing it is not completely fit with abs it makes me want to do it more, the fact that she has a lower belly pooch as well makes me confident 06:40

  6. I'm 14 and i weigh 136 lbs, my height is 4'11 and my normal weight should be 90 – 95lbs, i wish over a year when i look through this note i would be able to achieve my goal.

  7. I'm now subscribed because I don't like the way my belly look's and it's so relaxing thank you! You inspired me so much to do this yoga challenge I'm gonna try and do this all week and go to my dad's house and weigh myself on the weight.
    1 like= it was relaxing!
    1 comment means it was horrible!!
    (to me it wasn't)

  8. I went through 3/4 of the way and I have never engaged my abdominal muscles like I did with this simple yoga exercise. I slept so deeply and had a lucid dream and didn’t wake completely knackered like I normally do. This is amazing and you are amazing 😉. Thank you so much

  9. Thank you so much for this. I have bronchial spasms, kinda like asthma but worse, and I have loved yoga for centuries. I want to lose weight but I can't do intense workouts or run that much because of my lungs. Thank you. 💛

  10. I dont know… but is it just me or you also noticed… is her explanation is not quite clear? I dont get it at the part of when lying down and doing the core…

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