1. My story or experiences with this workout

    Day 1: it felt hard and I feel so hot and sweaty. It was easy at first but felt hard towards the end but I’m gonna try to do this everyday.☺️

  2. I have been looking for so many workout and diet plans in order to reduce weight. I have gained so much weight after my final year of college due to binge eating during midnight and no exercise .Your workout seems good and not complicated.
    Weight : 76.3 kg
    Height : 165 cm
    Goal : 60 kg in 5 months
    Wish me luck!!!!

    Day1 : I could do the first 6 minutes, then I started to feel a bit out of breath. I still kept on doing it as I did feel a bit of the fat burning. My body started feeling a bit sore after 12 minutes. I could only do till two front lunges and my knees felt stiff and weak . I decided to stop there as I didn't want to overdo on the first day especially since I haven't worked out much in the last 2 years.

    Will update again!!!

  3. Dear emi
    I'm very happy that I found your videos. I've been doing your workouts for straight two weeks now and I can feel that my inner thighs stop rubbing each other. My body dont feel like spaghetti anymore when I'm doing the movements. I also feel I'm getting stronger, I can put powers on any movements now. My back and joints doesnt hurt anymore when I wake up every morning. Not even when I'm going down the stairs. I dont know how much weight I lose now coz I don't have weighing scale. I want to surprise myself after a month or two. Thank you so much. Happy subscriber here.

  4. I an going to the beach after 8 days ana i want to look good in that swimsuit
    I am gonna do the exercise twice a day with fasting

    I am 58.4 kgs and 162 cm :(((
    Am gonna be updating you everyday .

    Day onee: i did the workout just before breaking my fast
    I did prettty good but i messed up and ate alot of chocolate and chips at night and ed up feeling so guilty
    I didnt hv time to do it again so i did the 10 minute hiit workout instead

    Day 2: did both this workout and the 10 min workout
    I didn't mess up in eating today

  5. So guys Im 15 years old but im doing this so i can confidently wear crop tops and high waisted jeans.And i just want to update if i am doing well
    For just 2 weeks.

    Day1:To the last routine i didnt make it coz im really burning and cant stand it,but i think i improved

  6. I’m going to try my best and update you guys with how this goes for me.

    Staring weight: 131.4lbs height: 5’2.
    Age: 15
    Goal weight: 115 probably.🤷🏽‍♀️ I’m hoping to look more toned and that probably won’t mean a lot of weight loss but yea.

    Diet: 1500 – 1600 calories.
    (I’m recovering from being in starvation mode for nearly 2 years so I have to keep increasing my calorie intake so I can get my metabolism back on track)

    Day 1: SO MUCH SWEAT. A couple weeks ago I did a 6 day hike across kananaskis and the amount of sweat on my back was pretty much the same it not more from this workout. My legs are still shaking which I think is a good sign? Mistakes were made by doing this during the evening cause then I’m all sweaty in an already hot room. I’m going to start doing this in the morning hopefully.

    Day 2: I was SO sore. My legs hurt so badly I could barely sit on the toilet. But I did it. And I’ve honestly never found a workout that burns this much so I’m hoping I can get results. But I did eat a bit more than normal I think I ate 1800 calories. I should be maintaining at that amount but because of how damaged my metabolism is I might gain a bit from that. Nonetheless I’ll try to not get discouraged

  7. i have a vacation in 2 weeks and i ate food about 1500cal for this day and it’s still afternoon. Okay, i’m 51.7 right now. Will update everyday until the vacation!

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