1. Oh my goooood I totally freaked out!
    I already loved the 1st video with Marnie SO much and probably did it about 50 times 😌❤️
    This is amazing, she is one of the bests and her barre workouts are PERFECT

  2. This was the first time in a longer time that I tried exercising again. Because of my multiple sclerosis it is hard for me to keep on track but I am determined to try new workouts. So I tried a workout like this for the first time, and now I feel amazing! It was really hard and I had to pause a few times but it was worth it.

  3. Holy cow! I almost died doing this…. amazing and challenging, love it, please more barre videos with Marie Alton. She’s amazing!

  4. Simply one of the best homeworkouts which made me feel all muscles of my body and the cool down is so amazing… It made me feel all more refreshed!!! Amazing!!!!

  5. This is the best workout!! Will Marnie be doing more videos for you? First time I've done a barre workout (afraid to go to an actual class) I do both this one and the 30 minute one. I'm hooked.

  6. Recovering from torn meniscus, so seeking low impact options to stay fit. I was surprised at how much jumping was shown in this video, especially considering they are in bare feet. I used the low-impact modifications, but those didn't get my heart rate up enough. The ab work at the end was very good.

  7. What a graceful and strong workout .. loved Marnie!! Her and Jeannette and Kit are my FAVES!!! I am a cardiac surgery Nurse and I share these workouts with my other strong nurse colleagues… we need strong bodies for heavy lifting !! Namaste and thank you pop sugar for enhancing my never ending fitness journey!!!

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