1. Eddie Hall, I would love have you train me… I am know where near your league, but I love your personality! And dedication! Everthing you've said you was gonna do you have! You back up your shit….I guess when i win the lottery i can hire as my PT

  2. milk and protein powder. Dude knows zero about nutrition. No wonder they die so early and the protein industry are just laughing at them all the way to the bank

  3. Respiratory system.  Nervous system.  Circulatory system.  Digestive system and Excretory system.  Endocrine system.  Integumentary system / Exocrine system.  Immune system and lymphatic system.  Muscular system.  Renal system and Urinary system.  Reproductive system.  Skeletal system.  Hematopoietic system. And 37 Trillion cells in the average human body that all have a specific job assigned to them.  (That's just 1 human!) Once Eddie submits to the One who put that all together, along with everything else that exists in the world (try to truly comprehend the overwhelming awesomeness of the God behind that truth!!), and if he puts the amount of time proclaiming the name of Jesus as he does himself, he will find the true purpose of living!!

  4. Biologist here, your theory on lactose milk is false, and wasting your monny.

    Lactose is a disacride, wich your bowls split into two sugar molecules. Unless you are intollerant and you cant, and you get the shits. "Lactose free" means that they already split it up, not removed it. You get the same sugar. Lactose free milk even tastes sweeter becouse it containes doubble the sugar molecules already.

  5. During the dumbbell presses, I kept waiting for "lightweight baby! hoooooo!"

    I want Eddie to do that just one, just for a shout out to another madman with the weights.

  6. 200kg is soooo8 heavy. It's over 30 stone. I trained a bit in my late teans and i was exceptionally strong anyway. My max was 100kg and that was on a machine not even free weight.

  7. i think of getting in to working out and gaining some mass, this is the type of man you want to help you start out because he sure know what he is talking about xD sadly we dont have to manny strongman locally xD

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