1. Im super skinny and flat. I like to be skinny asf but I want a big booty and some boobs. I cant eat a bunch of crap to get my booty fat because I will BE FAT ASF. so thanks

  2. Thank you so much 🙏 I am struggling with gaining weight & especially in the right places. I eat & eat, I even eat & try to go to sleep right after, but still nothing! I know now that what my body needs is workouts. My muscles need to grow! ✨ I hate being the shape of a lower case “ L “.

  3. I'm 14 flat asf no boobs no ass whatsoever. Kinda gets to me sometimes and ik ik don't worry blud all that stuff this that right but it kinda hard not to worry wen like everyone around u like scul and society make being thicc like the main reason to liv ya know. Just wanted to add mah irrelevant 2 cents…..hope this vid works tho I needs it 😂

  4. I wanna get a bigger booty (i literally have no booty) But When i gain weight it’s always on my stomach and for now i weight like 52kg and i am 1,60m so i am desperate hahaha

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