1. Start out with bodyweight exactly I used to lift heavy fuck that it fucks up joints tendons now I go lighter and more volume I'm jacked as fuck doing that anywere I go people are saying shit and it feels good after yrs of hard as work. Anyone can do it if they want it bad enough. You have to want it bad really bad like you want a chick bad.

  2. with the push ups i feel like it went from my number to a time I can push, I can do 50 quick ones or 30 regular but after 40 sec I feel like my hands are falling off…

  3. If you go through a deck of cards doing pushups, every day for a month, at the end of that month you will be able to do a warmup of 100 in a row without much fatigue at the end. Then do the deck. The randomness of the reps really helps to shock the muscles. Between cards, take a 10 to 15 sec rest.

    A = 15
    K-10 = 10
    9-5 = Number Shown
    4-2 = 2x Number Shown

  4. What does being white have to do with not knowing "muay thai" whites were the first other race to participate and know muay thai and probably after asians has the most followers…..

  5. Best MMA S&T Exercises (Aside from Plyometrics and Med Ball & Conditioning)

    – Zercher Squat Underhook Grip
    -Sumo Deadlifts
    -Goodmornings (Different variations I prefer Zercher)

  6. I've had 3 major knee injuries and 2 of them my knee swelled to the size of a watermelon. But tore my acl, lcl, and meniscus in my left knee in a catastrophic injury in soccer, then fractured my right kneecap in 3 places and swelled to a watermelon again playing all stars baseball. Then tore my right meniscus badly in basketball. I've got about 10 other major injuries to other parts of the body too but whose keeping track!? 😛

  7. I agree with the pushups, pullups, and squats. There is one element missing however. The HAMSTRINGS. Hyper extension or grab some heavy item and do stiff legged dead lifts for the hammies. Now you have every body part covered. Basically.

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