Layering, but make it 2024

Hey guys!

Did you see the video of the Gen Z-er saying she “discovered” tank layering or something to that effect? I was like omg are we already here!? IT IS TOO SOON. TOOOO SOOOOONNNNNN!!!

And I thought the return of low-rise was crazy…

Anyway, the layering I’ll be doing this year is gonna look a lot diff than what we did in the 00s! This time around we’re going for a sleek, elegant, versatile and for funzies…✨REVERSIBLE✨ vibe.

I am wearing the POPFLEX mesh bow back long sleeve in sz small, my normal size. Its avail rn in XXS-3X and comes in a bunch of colors!


popflex bow back long sleeve mesh 2000s fashion trend


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