1. I was recently profiled [racially/gender] at an Orangetheory branch and got banned from the entire region for nothing! They also are currently withholding hundreds of dollars in USD purposely and they never checked on me and my well-being before blaming me for something that had nothing to do with me, but no one is going to do or say anything about it. I’m Black and I guess I don’t matter. Good luck.

  2. I did heart rate training (with a polar heart rate monitor)back in the early 2000s, I was doing triathlons at the time .. I thought this was going to be some kind of late breaking technology LOL,

  3. Just saw your commercial during Monday night football. I'm sure that was expensive add space. You know how you'll get me to join your gym? Make a commercial giving me crap about watching football or having a fantasy league instead of being at your gym working out. Good strategy….People love being insulted.

  4. While I agree with the concept behind orange theory, I wouldn't reccomend spending 130 dollars a month for it. The concept of Anaerobic exercises is nothing new. The benefits have been known for a while. If you want to replicate what they do, its simple do intense cardio for a minute two minutes at most. Than rest for double that time. The idea is to get your heart close enough to resting heart rate before going hard. The exertion on your heart is more intense than if you do an hour of running. Thus even after you are done working out, you heart is still recover thus, for the next 24 hours you are burning calories. When I first joined the army I used to run up a large hill, and walk back down. I was able to only do this at most 5 times before I gassed out, but before the end of the year I was maxing out my run in the PT test.

  5. High intensity training is only for people that have no intermediate or major medical issues. Excercising is healthy, yes, but if you have heart issues, carotid artery disease, certain forms of diabetes, etc., this kind of exercise can KILL you! Your doctor or cardiologist should be consulted BEFORE you engage in any kind of high intensity training. In fact, many doctors will allow moderate exercise (if you have some of the aforementioned chronic conditions), but will advise against high intensity training. If you have a medical condition, ALWAYS ask your doctor before you enroll in one of the programs or gyms!

  6. Went in with the assumption that I paid for 8 classes because that was all I wanted to do before I went on vacation. After a month they charged my account another $100 so I call the same day and they refuse to reimburse me. I was never notified that this charge would be recurring nor was I provided a copy of the "contract" stating this would happen. I was told I was signing a document to consent payment for the 8 classes and I assumed a safety release. I wasn't told much because the class was about to start. They rush you through the paperwork not fully explaining everything then don't provide you with a copy. Little did I know on the paperwork, in fine print, it states they will continue to charge when they knew I only wanted 8 classes. I made it very clear that was what I wanted and I was never told once that the charge would be monthly. Great way to scam customers.

  7. Please tell the instructors there is no need to talk through the entire workout. That is so annoying I understand giving instruction but no one needs to keep hearing every second you can do this push think about the summer push. Let the music play sometimes

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