1. This is the first workout in the Cize program and it's so hard, I haven't been able to complete it yet I've been able to complete other routines in this program. So, if you have Cize and you think it's too hard just try a different routine.

  2. Cize is a great program. It's my favorite. And I can not dance.Yes, you do lose weight on it if you do the workouts and follow the meal plan. I have had a challenge group and everyone in it lost weight including me. I am now a Cize Live Instructor and one lady has lost 41 pounds so far. So yeah, it works. I have all of the performance rounds on my channel and some of Cize Live. Take a Look, if you are interested maybe I can help anyone with the program.

  3. Ever heard of going out for a jog, people? Put on some headphones, step outside, enjoy. Same result; no nagging voice trying to systematically sell you this crap as you "progress".

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