1. I had a lot of energy yesterday as well. The morning coffee was good & filling. Felt really nauseous after lunch. That was a lot of butter. I may have needed more electrolytes too. For dinner I added some more season salt & some taco seasoning. Today I’ll add an avocado to my lunch.
    For the bone broth, I have to add either beef or chicken bouillon powder- otherwise it’s yucky 🤣
    Day 2 for me today. Thanks for the video. Definitely do another one tomorrow. It’s helpful. ❤️

  2. I know i had said i was going to do the beef and butter fast with you but i have been at the hospital i dont know how long she will last on hospice.

  3. BTW.. I don't remember if I asked you this before or somebody else but what is the deal with pink Himalayan salt with keto? I've been doing keto since April and I have yet to have done anything with pink Himalayan salt. Is there something special with the pink Himalayan that we need?

  4. I may try this, but I notice that when I have too much beef within a 24 48 hour. My body doesn't handle it that well because beef takes a long time to leave my system and up burping up beef all day! LOL. So it may not be good for me but I may be willing to try it anyway.

  5. Beef and Butter fast is one I haven’t heard of before. It seems pretty interesting. It reminds me an egg fast, but replaces the eggs with beef and the cheese with avocado. Easy enough. I might need to try this!

  6. Good morning Daniela, that beef soup look delicious. Thank you for sharing your experience. Yes, this fasting gave me energy that at night time my hand was shaking and the next day my body ache due to all the walking and movement I did. I hope to heard your result. I bet you lost a lot of weight. I'm keep it positive for you and everyone. Take care love 💜💜

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