1. so human mind is like a PC which process a lot of infos but most of them are redundant data and swap files that you never use, they take over your memory and do harm to your software, if it becomes a long term process your memory is full of useless and harmful data and you cant get OS update and you need to keep the machine running to make sure the data is still there for no reasons so it eventually overheated then damages your hardware.
    Meditation teaches you how to enter hibernate mode which clear data from memory and cache from HDD then and do a reboot if necessary then build a firewall to stop/filter the datas your pc really needs so The pc will feel faster next time. do it repeatedly your pc will learn how to enter hibernate mode by itself when necessary.

  2. I've come to the conclusion that meditation is utterly useless to some. Control of your mind isn't about removing thoughts that aren't directly positive, but understanding why those thoughts are there, and then the thoughts that lead to those thoughts and so on. Same applies for emotions. Eventually you'll get to root of what caused those thoughts or feelings and realize it doesn't really matter. Nothing actually does.

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