1. i had back surgery, now the only things I can do is low impact stuff like walking, elliptical, and swimming….can't even do yoga anymore…oh, and limit my bending, twisting, and can't lift anything over 10 lbs…which sucks…so I can't do any of this stuff at all

  2. For this kind of workout, it's always more fun to watch someone else doing it (just as Bob & Brad were LOL!) And kudos to Bob & Brad viewers–in case Bob & Brad were wondering if we are paying attention to all the videos they post, it looks like a number of us picked up on the oops with the windmills. See? We ARE learning. 😎

  3. I love your videos precisely because you guys are physiotherapists know your stuff but also you both fun. Can you please kindly do a video on when should we stretch before or after excercises? Thank you😊🍵💋

  4. Great workout and love the instruction and demonstration for nonprofessionals. Thanks for always giving us fresh ideas and videos; you are both the best!

  5. Hope I didn’t sound critical, forgot to add the lol 🙂 No big deal! I do really enjoy your channel, you guys give great info that has helped me, and best of all you make me laugh, which helps me a great deal as well!

  6. Why Bob, why?!? I'm only forty six and I know what"long in the tooth" means. 😄 I really enjoy watching you and Brad every evening. I have found that a lot of the videos you guys post are so helpful. I'm from Wisconsin and it's fun to see such a great channel out of the upper Midwest. Keep up the great work and teaching us all to be strong like bull!

  7. Sorry correct if I'm wrong ,but didn't you made a video before advising not to make those windmill moves ,that were bad for you're Back and posture ? If I'm wrong I apologise

  8. I love your channel Bob and Brad but I thought you were totally against windmills cuz it's hard to keep your back straight and you're twisting and turning forward???

  9. Is this routine ok if you have bulging discs? I want to exercise besides walking, but I don't want to pull a back muscle, which happens to me a few times a year.

  10. Saved for when I get to the gym later.
    I need to keep practicing with the lunges. Foot drop has damaged my balance but I'm working on it. 🦶 😊
    Recovering after a permanent ileostomy and glad to be able to work out again.💪
    Thanks Bob & Brad 👌

  11. That's a good workout! Bit confused though, in the warm up she was bending and twisting, I thought you said that was one way to blow a disc? The toe toucher was another one that you said was terrible for your back

  12. OK…guy's
    I have a problem for you to solve?
    My shoulder's hurt constantly. Been about 9 month's. Been to my GP about 6/8 times. He sent me to a Orthopedic Surgeon where he gave me an MRI w/ contrast….NOTHING
    He sent me to SW Spine institute….They sent me back to Orthopedic Surgeon….Who found NOTHING???? I'M 52
    My husband had this same issue about a year before I!! His lasted 3/4 Month's!!
    What is this??????

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