1. I Love your Workouts and i’ve been already mostly followed. 2 Points : 1. Can you please make more Videos over 30 Minutes? I wanna try.
    2. Something more excises like Backs, Shoulder and legs.
    I‘ m sorry my poor englich, i hope you can understand.

  2. I'm on a roll! I'm doing this for the month of July and I'm 8 days late… gonna catch up with 4 today and 4 tomorrow! Then I'll be perfectly in sync with the 31 days! So excited!

  3. I’m a very active athlete. But I have been out of activities for about 3 weeks with a concussion. I came back to workouts and did this and I just about died. Amazing Workout!

  4. I love you for uploading these kettlebell workouts! I am starting to get tired of only doing cardio and hiit but I also feel like I`m not ready to workout at a gym yet. So this is perfect and these workouts are amazing as always!

  5. Yay I love kettlebell workouts. It's awesome! I used 4kg kettlebell except for last move it was too heavy. So good you doing a workout for each day. Keeps me motivated now it's winter here in NZ. 👍💓

  6. Your workouts are everything! Recently I had to ditched the gym, unfortunately, so I started doing your workouts almost every day and I actually didn't notice any decline of strength. Thank you so much!! I can't wait for next videos 🙂

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