1. Great addition to my upper body strength workout. My knees were hurting today so I looked for a workout that didn't put much impact on my knees. I had to modify jump lunges. I will look forward to trying some more of your workouts. Thank you.😁

  2. I been in everywhere in YouTube looking for workout but I found your workout videos more manageable and not boring workout it last me until end of workout.im doing the insane HIIT workout and loving it ❤❤❤-love from Missouri USA

  3. Yay!!! Great workout for Saturday morning!!! Now, I'm on to your abs workout & 2 yoga sessions. Then, I'm DONE. 😊💪👍🙌👏💪👍🙌👏💪💪💪👍🙌👏😊

  4. Thanks for a good workout. I'll check out your channel for sure! Wondering why you don't talk us through the moves as you're doing them? That's something I enjoy because it makes it less boring, makes me feel more like I'm working out with someone else, and makes me more mindful of my form.

  5. I've been feeling the time crunch lately with my school final exams approaching. I'm so glad I stumbled across this video; it's absolutely perfect for a little sweat session on study breaks without having to leave my office! You managed to warm me up in the Edmonton winter! Thank you 🙂

  6. Oh gawd this is kick-ass! I could only do round 1 so far. I'm absolutely breathless. Tomorrow night will try to go father. I know, I'm a wimp but I'm trying. Need to work up to it, I'm no good with cardio. It exhausts me.

  7. My wife lives in Vancouver B.C. how much do you charge for personal training? She wants to lose weight. She goes to the gym but she works a somewhat stressful job working with kids. I'm going to save the video and recommend this to her. Thanks

  8. The Intensity Of Some Of These Workouts Is Intimidating . I Looked Up HIIT Workouts For Beginners And This Is What Came Up And This Definitely Doesn’t Look Like It’s For Beginners But I’ll Absolutely Be Coming Back And Trying This Probably a Week Or 2 After I Get Into The Swing Of HIIT Workouts

  9. I've been slacking with exercising lately. I usually run a few times a week but haven't been running regularly for a while. I decided I gotta start somewhere and came across this video. It looked straightforward enough so I tried it (my first HIIT workout). I managed most ok, but was dying a little by the end. I felt great afterwards and was glad I did it. I was absolutely amazed how much I've felt it for the past 2 days! My body felt the aches of a really long intense gym sessions – not just a 15 min quick workout… I'll definitely be giving some of your other videos a go!

  10. A really great workout, feeling the burn but not to challenging. However, would not recommend eating right before (meaning literally putting plate down and beginning to excersise) as I did have to stop at one point.

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