1. Yes, please do regular fitness videos! I would love to see just how you train on a daily basis during the week. Do you usually follow a routine or do you find yourself changing things up weekly? Thank you Sanne! xx

  2. 20 forward lunges with twist (alt. leg)
    10 side lunges (each leg)
    20 jump squats

    repeat 2x

    side diagonal back touches (60sec each leg)
    step and jump (60sec)

    repeat 2x

    20x donkey kick/ fire hydrant
    20x donkey kick pulses
    20x fire hydrant pulses
    20x rain bow kicks

    repeat other leg

    front back lunges (30 sec both sides)
    jump lunge (30 sec)

    repeat 2x

    Hope this helps anyone who wants to screenshot and take to the gym. thanks Sanne! 💕

  3. Thank you Sanne. I love this workout! In fact this morning I did one of your older ab workouts plus this one, and I am sweating, ha ha! Love your videos.

  4. I understand that in the fashion world, it's more about maintaining the shape you currently have and not necessarily gaining muscle unless the athletic look is the end goal. Though, I'm not sure what pushing the air is going to do for your glutes. I've seen the most change in my body with moderate to heavy weights.

  5. Hi, Sanne😃
    I am a huge fan of you and your YouTube channel❤️ I am not good at English, so I can't understand what you say. But your video makes me feel positive and happy and also relax.😊
    I want a book collecting your videos or about yourself!
    I want to watch your yoga video.
    I am looking forward to watch your new video every time!
    Thank you so much for the amazing, lovely and happy channel❤️❤️❤️

  6. Ok I just did the workout aaandd to answer your description question: I would give the workout a 7 for difficulty. The beginning was pretty easy but at the and after the ground exercises my legs started shaking like crazy haha! But I loved it ❤️

  7. Hi im pear shaped and my legs bulk up fast.. Will this bulk up my legs and can you please make a video in the future how to size down bulky legs🙏🙏🙏p.s i just started modeling and my legs stresses me out a lot… Love youuuuu💕💕💕

  8. Ik vind deze film style echt leuk, zo in de gym met een personal trainer. Hij geeft ook heel de tijd tips en punten waar je op moet focussen tijdens een oefening. Echt een hele leuk video!!!!

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