1. Girrrl I’m so happy I saw your video!!!
    I am just starting to work out and I love glute bridges, I do them with reisstance bands but I don’t know if that is enough or not to grow my booty quickly since I’ve never worked my muscles before maybe that’ll work even if I don’t use weights right off the bat? What do you recommend?

  2. this my first time watching you, haha I loved the tips! I'm underweight so that bit you mentioned about growing the booty and gaining weight spoke to my soul!! I'm on it, thanks!!

  3. When I was younger i was made fun of and called Jelly Kelly because I had a big butt big boobs and thick thighs. NOW everyone thinks it’s a good thing. Wtf!

  4. How about if i started drinking protein shakes running and doing your booty excercise. I will also cut out meat, only veggies. No weights. Will this help my butt grow while keeping me slim??

  5. ik im late to this video and you most likely wont answer but when you said if you have room to gain weight , would it affect your belly fat? cause i have belly fat but i also do have room to gain weight. pleaseee help

  6. Great info!👍🏼 when you are on a date or talking in person do you ever hit the person with your arm movement?😀

  7. Don't tell people if they're underweight that they can eat anything they want. Many underweight people are in worse physical shape and less fit than people who are overweight. No one should eat whatever they want. It leads to obesity, a number of physical and psychological issues, and makes many think if they can overindulge in food that they can overindulge in other areas of life.

  8. So I know this videos technically about booty and booty workouts but I have a question cuz I'm still pretty new to working out.
    How many times a week do you think people should work out their glutes?

  9. weight always goes to my butt, thighs, and belly, like these 3 are where literally ALL the fat is at, and to top it off my butt and thighs are kinda saggy and i have some loose skin so i reallyyy wanna tighten them up! can someone help? i’m only 17 so it’s a bit hard to see all the girls at school with PERFECT bodies, yeah i know no one’s perfect but i just want to have a nice body.

  10. This is wonderful!!! I'm just starting to work out but I need to get a flat stomach and a booty, what do you recommend between doing booty and tummy workouts or doing one at a time??

  11. The glute Bridges really do work, I did them over a year before even watching this video and my booty poppin🙌🏽😍 but I’m glad I got to know more in this video☺️💗

  12. How do I GAIN weight though? I’m naturally very slender but still toned and sculpted for some reason. Eating is hard for me because I never have an appetite and when I try to eat anyway I get sick or just can’t bring myself to do it. Eating is like the homework I keep putting off. Several small meals a day was trickier for me than I thought, my appetite is simply not working with me.

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