1. First workout on YouTube I’ve completed the whole way through with no breaks ???? I was sweating so much after this but I absolutely loved it and you were so motivational!

  2. Love this workout! I’ve been pairing it with your other beginner video for a full hour of workout each day and it’s been great. I started adding weights on the second workout. By the end I am dripping with sweat. It’s only been a week so far. I enjoy that it’s all standing movements. Thank you for mentioning consistency and making a choice everyday to exercise. Just that little comment pushes me to keep coming back. I’ve always had trouble making exercise a habit and this workout is so enjoyable and effective that I look forward to each day so far and actually want to keep at it. Thank you! Keep up the great job!

  3. I have a spinal injury and have been unable to do any sort of exercise for 2 yrs so I am very unfit. I only lasted until 5:40 but feel like I this is doable if I keep trying every day. I will try and update this as replies to where I get to every time. Thank you. You seem like an amazing instructor and I am glad to have found you.

  4. I recently started dieting and exercising and I've struggled to find a work out that I could actually do! I've come across your videos and can I say!! Wow!! Yeah it's hard work but I can do it! And it just feels more realistic!! And you have great supportive energy!! Only started today but looking forward to following you! Xx

  5. Guys i've been doing this 3 days already.
    First day: I only did 20 mins cuz I've got headache but still feel good. After break I did 50 squats.
    Second day: I did whole workout and i'm so proud if myself.
    Third day: i wasn't feeling to do workout today. But STILL did full workout. 3 times i thought to give up but still made it. Everyday it's getting easier to do. Don't give up guys. I'm doing it with diet and i lost 1.5 kg already. (Sorry for bad english) LET'S CHANGE OUR LIVES TOGETHER!

  6. I just finished my first work out! I'm an asthmatic and I was born with a heart condition so the low impact of this was great..it still got my heart pumping though! I'm so proud of myself! This is a program I can actually do! Thank you Body Project!

  7. HIGHLY recommend this work out for beginners!! The exercises actually felt fun and the time flew by SO quickly. Also, I found each individual highly engaging and motivating! It was nice to see people with different body types absolutely crushing the workout, made me feel like I could do it too (and I did!)

  8. Great ????. Im suprised that I finished the whole work out. The coach words motivated me. And I was smiling throughout the workout. Thank you very much

  9. I did your workout with weighted gloves. It was a tough yet achievable workout. I hurt my knee recently but I don’t want to stop my workouts. Thank you for this workout challenge. I will continue your plans. ❤️ it

  10. I did it all the way through really proud of myself other workouts I struggle all the way through but this one I did and still got a good sweat in ???? thank you

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