1. Yes! This is my favorite kind of workout! Thank you so much for uploading this!! I'm so glad that Anna is back! This will be Monday workout! 💪

  2. Heart rate got up to 131 and I burned 70 calories doing the modified versions. I am STILL dripping sweat. This is a great workout for the whole body to get back into fitness.

  3. Would me nice to better hear the transitions. I would look up and position would be reversed already, but didn't hear a change all the way throughout. But awesome workout!

  4. This was challenging for me! I barely made it through, but I DID IT! My focus is weight loss, but I need the strength training too. This workout was good for both. It had me sweating!

  5. I liked it. However if like me you have a hard floor and bones that stick out, add a blanket or something for the moves on your knees and front. I have bruises everywhere now 🙁

  6. Did anyone use the Apple Watch? I burned 130 calories and I felt that it wasn't too intense. The only way that I burn 250 calories is when I run 🏃‍♀️ for 2.5 miles. There’s no way that you’ll burn around 200 calories with this workout

  7. Many are saying this is easy. Yes, it might be. But for many and even me it was challenging. I havent worked out in months. I used to be in shape but its ok to start over.

  8. Anna, thank you! What an outstanding exercise video. It offers a perfect balance of movements.
    You are so talented. I hope you realize, that your smile, beautiful spirit and Love for your work, is 50% of your success…and the success of your audience! Keep going and don't ever stop.

  9. the only negative I must say about this one is Anna says to make sure you put your neck down in the planks and body stretch but she also doesn't tell you when you need to swap from one move to the other which means you have no choice but to look up to the TV. Just a bit of feedback for next time 🙂 thanks for all your workouts though, love them!

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