1. This guy is honestly is a good coach. Using imagery for coaching queues and giving people thevoption to only do the warmup if that's all the time you have ^__^ good motivational tactics

  2. At 62 years young and still very active (doubles beach volleyball (took 2nd at CR Nationals against a bunch of youngsters) and surf. Doing this in 90 degree Costa Rican heat. Good stuff.

  3. I DID IT! it was tough but awesome. I appreciated the male instructor, was different than the usual girls which I also love. I also appreciated the motivational talk. Thanks for your amazing videos Anna! I love popsugar! XO

  4. I’ve tried to follow this routine two times, I haven’t made it to the third part, ☹️

    I guess I’m not ready enough yet? I’ll try again later, 💪

  5. Thank you so much!!! I am stuck where I can't order workout videos … and can't find any available to download from different sites.. so you have saved my ass.. literally! ha ha. Thank you thank you! Awesome!

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